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  1. 2009.05.08 Oracle : How to count repeated character in specific column?
Development/Database2009.05.08 23:09
Last night, I have got request from my customer. He wanted to know how many XML nodes are there in XML log table placed in Oracle. I tried to find sufficient oracle function but couldn`t. So I make slightly dirty SQL query but it was very helpful to reduce manual job. Let`s see SQL query first.

SELECT xml_seq, 
       to_char((length(xml_recv)-length(replace(xml_recv,'<ITEM>',''))) / length('<ITEM>')) as item_count
  FROM tbl_xml_log
Look above SQL carefully. It looks dirty calculation about length of column but very simple. You can change <ITEM> to string that you want to count on specific column. It would be helpful for guys who want to count repeated character in specific column.

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